Any backup is only as reliable as its ability to restore business data and applications when they are needed most. The SonicWALLŽ Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Series offers the only complete end-to-end backup and recovery solution for SMBs. An ideal replacement for tape-based systems, CDP provides foolproof, intuitive, continual protection. No other solution offers such comprehensive protection while still being so easy-to-manage. The key features and benefits of a SonicWALL backup and recovery solution are:

Continuous Data Backup

CDP detects new or changed files, even when files are open. When this information is found, CDP immediately and automatically replicates it to dedicated hardware locally. Unlike most traditional backup products, no user intervention or additional software or hardware is required with CDP, and risk of data loss is virtually nonexistent because there are no backup windows.

Offsite Protection

A clear differentiator for CDP is its "no-touch" offsite backup feature, which uses SSL encryption, advanced compression, and backup of only binary differences. This offsite feature protects data against the risks of fire, theft, misplacement and other issues relating to tape or CD-based backup.

Instant Recovery and File Versions

From CDP's simple interface, users have access to point and click data recovery features. The intelligent CDP software saves and time-stamps file versions of each file so they are easy to locate.

Unlimited PCs

Connect an unlimited number of computers, laptops, and/or servers to CDP for real-time CDP. Selected PCs and files are monitored every minute of the day for new or changed information.

Supports Business Applications

SonicWALL CDP provides seamless support for databases and applications without the need to integrate third party software modules. Out-of-the-box & custom applications using databases such as: (MS) SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, FileMaker, Dbase and Access. Microsoft applications such as: Exchange Server, Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, BizTalk, Business Contact Manager, CRM, InfoPath, Commerce Manager, Sharepoint, Project Server and MS Office products including Outlook and Outlook Express. Common business applications such as: Quickbooks, PeachTree, ACT!, Goldmine, as well as most industry specific applications.


Offsite data is secured by the same AES 256-bit encryption technologies implemented by major financial institutions and government agencies. SonicWALL CDP also utilises public-key encryption and digital certificates as an additional layer of protection. Finally, every SonicWALL CDP customer has secure e-mail address and password authentication.

Central Management

The SonicWALL Enterprise Manager provides system activity monitoring and viewing of all agents that are active on SonicWALL CDP. IT Administrators benefit from file-level visibility into every agent connected to SonicWALL CDP to enforce consistent backup policies and control features available to individual end users.

Remote Administration

IT Administrators can manage SonicWALL CDP, recover a deleted file for a customer, or view vital statistics from a remote location connected to the LAN. This saves the IT Administrator valuable time and resources instead of having to physically visit the customer's site for a simple file recovery like other backup solutions.

Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)

SonicWALL BMR software creates an exact image of an entire server or workstation - including the operating system files, programs, databases, and settings, enabling the recovery of an entire system in minutes. Moreover, its wizard-driven graphical user interface (GUI) is easy-to-use, making it an ideal application for SMB customers.

Local Archiving

Leveraging the SonicWALL Bare Metal Recovery software, CDP solution provides local data archiving for businesses that need to store snapshots of their data for extended periods of time to meet industry and government compliance regulations. Customers can explore their archives and restore an individual file if needed.


SonicWALL CDP has compression technology that achieves compression ranges from 2:1 to 5:1 depending on file type. This allows users to utilise their disk space very efficiently and creates smaller file transfers on the network.


SonicWALL is committed to safeguarding business data. To that end, SonicWALL CDP meets and complies with all federal and industry regulations on the protection, accessibility, and retention of information. But SonicWALL goes beyond the minimum requirements for security and retention of information. Because SonicWALL's business is data security and retention, we take government and industry regulations seriously.

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