Digital Recording System

  Product Introduction

  • DRS 300 is a professional Multi-channel Digital Recording System based on advanced Digital Signal Processing technology at affordable price. It also support local monitoring or Remote control and monitor (via Internet using Web Browser as UI)
  • DRS 300 runs on Windows XP or (Win 2K) platform, and with the DSP chip offload processing need, it can scale with channels yet maintain stable and quality performance.
  • DRS 300 is the best choice for small to media business or SOHO customer seeking for Low-price, Professional-quality and Easy-to-use Voice Logging solution. (It is especially suitable for Telephone Recording, not like other offers, this product keeps precise records like CDR)

  Selling Features
  • Flexible System Configuration
  • In 4 or 8-channel incremental
  • Multiple Query Options
  • CID, Call No. types, time, etc.
  • Multiple Compression Format
  • Multiple Backup Option (e.g. DVD)
  • Emergency Notice
  • Call Indexed Record in HDD or Backup
  • Playback Local or Remote
  • Web-based User Interface

  Applicable Businesses
  • Bank, Security Firm, Insurance Co.
  • Credit Approval and Payment tracking
  • Law Offices, Clinic, Realistic Offices
  • Traffic Management Centers
  • Police offices (Case reporting Center)
  • Security Protection Centers
  • Customer Service Centers
  • Phone Interview and Service Houses
  • Location needs Phone Tapping (e.g. jail)
  • Personal or Home Usages

  Statistic Reporting

  • Report per Day, Week and Month
  • Report per Call types (In, Out, VA)
  • Report per specific Channel or All
  • Show Statistic based on Time

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