2‚ 4‚ 8-Port TAPI Voice Board (Support CTI design based on IVR II 4.X)

• Hardware Features

  • Two / four or eight independent voice processing ports supporting 2 to over 80 ports IVR systems in a single PC (PCI Bus)
  • Windows Vista compatible; PCI-X & PCI compliance
  • New Intel / AMD CPU support ( Dual CPU, Dual Core, new Chip sets )
  • Bundled with IVR II 4.X license, support CTI / IVR flow design (For Hardware Spec. Details)
  • Advanced Outbound Call support (SIT Tones; Answering Machine Beep Tones; Voice Mail Tone and Falling-Edge Silence Detection)
  • Extra audio jacks allow voice monitoring (Optional auxiliary audio input)

• Applications
  • Automated Attendants
  • ACD Systems - Call Distribution
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Card Activation
  • Dating and Chat Lines
  • Fax On Demand
  • Hotlines and Helpdesk

• Technical Description
  • The VoiceLink IVR - 2/4/8L provides two/four or eight telephone line interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines. Up to 10 VoiceLink boards can be installed in PCI or PCI-X slots of a single PC chassis enabling port expansion up to 80 ports per system.Network Interface
  • It is suitable for small to medium size CTI projects. The bundled IVR II 4.X flow design tools greatly reduced the design effort. By masking out low-level details, users no longer need to possess telecom knowledge and worry about it’s operation.
  • The Graphical User Interface with its drag and drop components allow designer to easily make connections of call flow sequence of his choice. If required, it can be modified and verified quickly.
  • With IVR II 4.X, CallURL’s product opens a path to avoid expert for CTI / IVR design task. As far as a person has basic programming or logical thinking capability, he can work out a decent application by referring to demo samples.
  • With the build-in simulation function, one can even do most of the verification without real telephone lines.
  • The IVR II 4.X also comes with channel Monitor and logging utilities, this not only for easy real-time channel status monitor, but also serves as a good debugging tools.

• How Contax IVR II Ease Your Design Task
  • Contax IVR II is centered on its Runtime Engine that will execute call-flow assigned to individual channels. When a call is coming in, call-flow associated with that channel will be executed and end either by the caller or the call-flow design.
  • To do this, Contax IVR II provides a collection of common “components” usually required in call-flow design. Make them available to designer’s choice. Each component has its related code implementation, when executed by IVR II runtime engine, detail operation will be carried out.
  • Thus, IVR designer has no need to know the under-line operation and can focus on their logical design. They don’t need to worry about telecom operation any more.
Flow Control Call Control Media Control
  • Contax IVR II uses GUI to allow designer pick component(s) and drag and drop them in the design panel. Connections are made to control the proper flow based on operation condition or design requirements.
  • Interface to SQL database, web server and other resources (e.g. DLL, E-mail server, Fax, SMS, … etc.) are all “packed” as “component”, so designers can use them at functional level.
    (Nice and easy!)
  • For every components, there’s rich choice of “property” which can be filled (or, bring in as variables) to reflect real operation needs. Thus, a comprehensive solution is available , which allows you to design, deliver and support advanced interactive platforms for multimedia communications. (such as telephony, voice, fax, email and mobile transactions)

  • In addition, to simplify the debugging process, Contax includes a simulator that allows the call-flow to run and with its companion channel logging capability, Call-flow design can be verified before heading to the real world.

  • To support outbound call applications, the Runtime Engine has provision to check call request entries put into its database and perform calls based on entry setting. When a call is connected, associated call-flow will be executed so that same flexibility for handling incoming calls is also on outbound calls.
  • A schedule utility that interfaced to database is incorporated for users only doing predefined call out task and not bothers to deal with SQL database.

• Contax IVR II 4.0.0 Feature & Benefits

Featuress Benefits
• Interactive Application Generator • No programming needed for CTI design
• GUI for “Component” drag and drop • No Telecom details required
• Build-in Flow simulator • Can easily verify design before placement
• Support Multiple Media for Voice, Fax, SMS • Further simplify CTI design tasks
• Web & SQL Server support • Flexible in interface to database and other services
• MS SAPI based TTS & ASR • Advanced speech functions without programming
• Channel Configuration & Monitor utilities • Facility good monitor and debugging capability
• Outbound call support • via system database to simplify design effort
• Advanced Features for Outbound • Allow Implementing Powerful “Dialer” application
(Optional) SIP VoIP IVR integrated • Seamlessly integrate PSTN and SIP world together
  • Product Specifications
  • General Telephony
    A multimedia message (voice, fax, SMS, speech etc.) IVR service flow application generator
  • Voice, Fax, SMS and E-mail
    Voice Record & Play
    Fax Send & Receive
    SMS Send & E-mail
  • Speech and Language
    Built-in speech pre-processor for the Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) functions
    Standard Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) engine support Multi-language selection
  • IVR Flow Designer
    Web & Windows based Call Flow Designer
    GUI Flow-chart service creation environment Integrated.
    Extended palettes functions - Drag-and-drop, Cut/copy-paste
    Template wizard to build reusable call- flows
    Step-by-step call flow design and simulation over the same platform
  • Data Exchange
    '.ASP' support for exchange of data through a web server from/to any MS ADO/ ODBC data base such as SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MS- Access, DBase, Fox-pro....
  • IVR Portal Manager
    IVR flow service management by portal table Request service flow on demand Single entry, multiple flow services
  • IVR Flow Collection
    Provide more then 50 IVR flow samples, update IVR flow collection through Internet services.
    A number of useful IVR applications included such as Auto-Attendant, Voicemail, Auto Login etc.
  • IVR Voice Production
    Built-in voice production management interface for both client and system
    Voice libraries Multi-language support and selection (For PCX Application)
  • IVR Run-time & System Monitor
    Multiple, concurrent line-channel monitoring with each running a different application Channel(s) can be assigned to work in inbound or / and outbound mode Line independent operation with System logs to record system activities System reports to show numbers of incoming and abandoned calls etc.
    Call flow usage monitoring System administration includes channel setting, security management and channel status monitor
  • Line Devices Support
    Microsoft TAPI compliant analog  E1 & IP devices support (VoiceLink series Analog or digital E1 boards) VoiceLink 8LVF-4/8 -  8-Port PSTN with 4 or 8 sharable FAX Resources
     ( Support TIF, BMP, JPG, TXT & GIF Formats; Virtual Printer for Office Document conversion )
  • System Requirement
    Pentium III 450MHz, 128MB RAM (Better system for larger application) CallURL Voice boards with TAPI driver (Fax resource s for Fax operation) Windows 2000/2003, XP & Vista OS; Microsoft IIS 5.0 Microsoft SAPI 5.0
  • Ordering Information
    VoiceLink IVR - 2L
    VoiceLink IVR - 4L
    VoiceLink IVR - 8L

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