2, 4, 8-Port DSP-based Analog Interface Voice Board (Support TAPI)

• Hardware Features

  • Two, four or eight independent voice processing ports supporting 2 to over 80 ports voice systems in a single PC (PCI Bus)
  • Windows Vista compatible; PCI-X and PCI compliance
  • New Intel / AMD CPU support ( Dual CPU, Dual Core, new Chip sets )
  • Extra audio jacks allow voice monitoring (Optional auxiliary audio input)
  • μ-law voice coding with selectable data rates 32 Kb/s or 64 Kb/s on a channel-by-channel basis (supports 8K 16 bit audio format)
  • Configure multiple boards in a single PC for easy and cost-effective system expansion, capable of scaling from 2 to 80 ports
  • Caller ID detection and other fields, supports FSK as well as DTMF
  • Full duplex voice channels for VoIP applications
  • Bundled with TAPI and wave drivers for Windows 2000, 2003 and Windows XP
  • Shipped with EasyTAPI 4.0.0 CD for simple driver installation and maximum PC compatibility
  • Support LC Drop / Polarity Reversal detection
  • Detailed call progress monitoring & analysis (With “Diag32” Setting tool)

• Applications
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Unified Messaging System (UMS)
  • Unified Communication (UC) & Voice and Fax applications Deveploment
  • TAPI-compliant AA, VM and Recording applications (Many available, consult your dealers for details)
  • Voice and Fax applications development

• Technical Description
  • Configuration
    The VoiceLink - 2/4/8L provides two/four or eight telephone line interface circuits for direct connection to analog loop start lines.
    Up to 10 VoiceLink boards can be installed in PCI or PCI-X slots of a single PC chassis enabling port expansion up to 80 ports per system.
  • Network Interface
    The VoiceLink - 2/4/8L supports powerful call progress analysis, provides parameters programmable for country-specific regulation, enhanced DTMF detection & cut-through, plus PABX-specific tone detections. Quality voice can be recorded in ADPCM, PCM or WAV formats. (Support 8K X 8 Bit or 8K X 16 Bit format)
  • Open Architecture
    The VoiceLink - 2/4/8L boards share a common driver architecture with other CallURL boards, offering users and developers with the maximum in flexibility and scalability. All VoiceLink products support standard TAPI and wave drivers for Windows 2000, 2003 and Windows XP (Home or Pro. editions) plus Windows Vista.

• Product Specificationss
  • General
    Number of ports: 2 (- 2L) ; 4 (- 4L); 8 (- 8L)
    Max. boards per system: 10
    Digital signal processor: TI TMS 320VC5402 @100 MIPS
  • Host Interface
    Half-size PCI form factor
    Electrical: Rev. 2.3 of PCI bus specification
    PCX & PCI-X compatible with 3.3/5 V universal signaling
    Bus speed: 33 MHz maximum
    Shared memory: 256 KB dual port static memory
    Address and interrupts configured automatically by PnP BIOS or PnP OS
    Board ID: Rotary switch to uniquely identify each board
  • Telephone Interface
    Line interface: Loop-start
    Connectors: Four RJ-14 jacks; RJ-14 to RJ-11 cables supplied for - 8L model
    Return loss: 20 dB min (300 to 3300 Hz at 600 Ohms impedance)
    Caller ID: International Caller ID capability via on-hook audio path
  • Audio Signal and Interface
    Audio I/O jacks: 3.5mm audio in & out jacks
    Automatic gain control (AGC)
    Silence detection: programmable (nominal: -44 dBm)
    Call progress monitoring: standard and custom frequency based
  • Audio Encoding
    Sample rate: 8KHz
    32 Kbps OKI ADPCM
    64 Kbps μ-law PCM
    64 Kbps windows 8-bit PCM
    Dynamic range: -36 dBm to -3 dBm per tone
    Tone duration: 40 ms (minimum)
    Tone duration: 40 ms (minimum)
    Acceptable twist: 10 dB
  • Bundled Drivers and Software
    Bundled with EasyTAPI TAPI and wave drivers for Windows 2000, 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Software Compatibility
    Microsoft TAPI and wave driver compliant applications
  • DTMF Tone Detection
    DTMF digits: 0 to 9, *, #, A,B, C & D
    Dynamic range: -36 dBm to -3 dBm per tone
    Tone duration: 40 ms (minimum)
    Acceptable twist: 10 dB
  • Tone Dialing
    Transmit level: normal at -6.0dBm (high), -8.0dBm (low), parameters programmable
    Frequency variation: < 1%
  • Power Requirements
    +5.0V @ 500mA
    +3.3V @ 500mA
    +12V @ 200 mA
    -12V @ 200 mA
  • Size
    215mm (L) x 107mm (H); 12.283” (L) x 4.2” (H)
  • Certification
    Telephone network: FCC Part 68
    EMI: FCC Part 15, Class B
  • Environment
    Operating temperature: 0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F)
    Storage temperature: -20 to 65 C (4 to 149 F)
    Humidity: 10 to 80%, non-condensing

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