Product Introduction

  • PC-Fax server is a computerized, professional fax system with the most advanced Digital Signal Processing techniques combined with IVR voice guidance for advanced, multi-line, multi-user fax services

  • This fax server takes advantage of Web-based User Interface for system control and monitoring. User's can easily access faxing function at their PC / Notebook with experience similar to e-mails.
  • A unique “Voice Guidance” feature was incorporated; PC-Fax users and faxes receipts will experience user-friendly vocal response. The server consists of system software and VoiceLink 8LVF-4/8 PCI cards. After simple installation and account set-up, users can use I.E. browser from any PC / NB that has access to LAN or Internet, to
    (1) receive and view a fax, or
    (2) send office document of various types to remote Fax machines or other Fax Servers directly.

  • Graphical User Interface has provisions for sending and receiving faxes. Fax files can be viewed, forwarded, e-mailed and manipulated as documents. In addition, fax entries will be queued with priority, and time-stamped for future dispatch;

  • If necessary, the sending time can be manually override to fax immediately.

  • Once you have an account in the PC-Fax Server, you will own fax (send / receive) service wherever you go, and no time limits as far as you can reach Internet.
    (A big plus for busy businessman)

  • This product can fulfill needs from SOHO to SME with a single PCI card configuration.

  • However, it is scalable, therefore, by just adding 8LVF cards, more fax lines for large organization is expanded.

  • PC-Fax Server User Interface (Web-based) is versatile but easy-to-use

  Unique Features
  • FAX From Your Desk
    With virtual printer installed, Word , Excel , PDF , TEXT , image documents etc. can be converted to fax direct. PC-Fax server can support many user accounts, every user who has access to Internet can send and receive faxes via IE browser (Web UI). The operation is simple and can be remote and not limited by FAX Machine's physical restriction.
  • Improve Work Efficiency
    Fax requests can be added into faxing queue for Single receipt , Group receipts, Optional re-send, Scheduled Faxing etc. Thus will save labor and drastically increase your staff’s performance.
  • Do FAX Like E-mail
    For each Fax entry, fields for recipient name, sender name, subject, date, fax number etc. are available for editing. This can benefit recipients in easy reading, save / filing and forwarding.
  • Preview of Fax Content
    Fax document can be previewed before sending, this step can prevent false sending of sensitive materials
  • Flexible Query on FAX Logs
    Incoming and outgoing fax have logged by time, both can be searched by combination of Subject , Recipients, Sender, Sending time Interval , Sending Status , (partial) Document Name, ., etc.
  • Fax Status Monitor & Adjustment
    From User Interface, Fax status of each entry can be easily monitored, and when necessary, in just few clicks, user can override the sending priority for immediate adjustment.
  • Superior FAX Quality
    FAX original and received copies are all in electronic form, so no more paper jamming, image distortion and content loss!
  • Auto-confirmation
    After sending fax, Confirm of the receiving is usually needed. PC-Fax Users can choose [Call-out to Confirm function], it saves labor wasted for manual confirmation. Further more, a detailed report help to see result at a glance
  • No More FAX Paper
    Receiving Faxes are in electronic form this not only saving fax paper cost, but also add benefit for easy achieve, forwarding flexibility to other fax machines or e-mail as attachment
  • FAX Document Remark Editing
    This feature will provide good lead for future searching or reminding purpose
  • User-friendly Features e.g.
    (1) Pop-up notice of received fax
    (2) Receive your fax at your e-mail box - via “forward”
    (3) “Flip” Button to adjust and view fax image properly

  Customer Applications
  • Financial institutes - Banks, Security firms, Insurance companies, etc.
  • Schools, Hospitals & Medical Centers, Government units, etc.
  • Travel agents, Manufacturers, Trading companies or Marketing / Sales firms generate lots of faxing traffic.
  • Law offices and Customer Service Center applications
  • Individuals , SOHO or Shared facility for Community

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